February 23 - 24, 2016
DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles Downtown

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IQPC ID: Meet the Facility Innovators

Were attendees satisfied with the last event? Read on to find out about the precedent we've set with the Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Summit in the past.

Past Attendee Snapshot

Almost one hundred CEOs, principal architects, and HC facility design specialists representing top brands from the industry joined us at the summit last year. We're anticipating many of them will return this year - will you be there to meet and network with them?

Convince Your Boss Letter

Present your boss with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the upcoming 4th Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Summit this February in Los Angeles and you'll be sure to receive permission to join us.

Next Generation Healthcare Facilities - Registration Form

Speed up your attendance! Download this form for more information on pricing and registration options. If you would prefer to receive this via email contact Maricarmen Gonzales at maricarmen ...

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Top 3 Finest Facilities

Facility design can have small impacts - like reducing a child's pain by 10%. It can also have sweeping effects like improving community health by reducing emissions and serving as a shelter during natural disasters. Find out which US hospitals have made a large positive change in recent years.

4th Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Agenda

Download the agenda for insight into speakers and sessions. Alternatively, contact Marketing Manager Maricarmen Gonzales at Maricarmen.Gonzales@iqpc.com to receive a copy straight to your inbox!

Trimming the Fat: How to slim down healthcare facility costs

The most successful strategies to eradicate the high cost of new projects are usually found in improving operations and creating highly efficient and adaptable shared facilities. This is easier said than done. Bob Gesing, the Principal/Healthcare Planner at Trinity Health Group, spoke about keeping operations lean at last year's event.

Global Healthcare Trends

Past speaker Mark Henderson, AIA, EVP, Healthcare at Gresham, Smith & Partners, examines the innovative floorplans of three hospitals in Shanghai, Dubai, and Seoul, and delves into 10 global health trends in his past presentation.

Biggest Hospital Construction Projects in the US 2013-2014

Ever wonder what the biggest construction projects in the US are and how much the project is worth? Construction IQ and Reed Construction Data has compiled all stats for 2014. Download the PDF to see the biggest project on the board and in production.

How to Help Hospitals Achieve Their Mission Through Design

Two obstacles to great design exist in today's hopsitals, according to Barry S. Rabner, MPHA and President, CEO & Trustee of Princeton HealthCare System. The first is a lack of appreciation for how design decisions impact economic and clinical drivers. The second obstacle is that CEOs often delegate oversight to...

The Hospital that New Jersey Banks Built

In 2003, Princeton HealthCare System completed a strategic plan that called for the replacement of its 220-bed acute care hospital, University Medical Center at Princeton. The New Jersey banking community has been a key partner to its success in the intervening years.

Construction Costs Analysis: Metrics to Foster Design Success Beyond Estimation Market Outlook

Past speakers James Vermeulen, Co-CEO, and Melissa Chabot, LEED AP, Project Manager, both of Vermeulens, discuss the Macro Economic impacts on Construction Volume and Cost, present trends in median trade costs from January 2009 – Current, and forecast future costs & provide recommendations on project procurement in this past presentation.

Global health trends that shape next-generation facility design

In a dream world, the ideal healthcare facility would not stand as a dominant icon in the community; it would be felt more than seen. Mark Henderson, Executive Vice President, Healthcare at Gresham, Smith & Partners, says facilities should be integrated into the community through other buildings and spaces yet...

Healthcare Facilities: An Owner’s Idea of Success

What are the most effective strategies to take a facility to the next level? Joe Powell, Executive Director at Academy for Healthcare Infrastructure - National Institute of Building Sciences, says all healthcare systems contain a complex admixture of critical performance improvement strategies, but can be reduced into three 1.) Improvement...

Lighting for Improved Environment of Care

Past speakers from the 3rd Next Generation Healthcare Summit East developed this in-depth presentation on lighting covering sustainability, resilience, safety, financial implications, case studies, and more! Contributors: David S. Burson, AIA, NCARB Sr. Project Manager at Partners HealthCare Karen Lee, LC, LEED AP BD C Head of Applications Marketing at...

In a Redesigned Room, Hospital Patients Feel Better Already

It was a model room - meant for one patient only with a foldout sofa, outdoor views and a novel drug dispensary. What happened when patients stayed here? They required 30 percent less pain medication and had a hastened recovery and rehabilitation.

Nationwide Hospital Construction Comparison Cost

Download Construction IQ's Nationwide Hospital Construction Cost that compares cost for facilities across the United States. Get all of the facts in one download, information provided by Reed Construction Data.

Top Hospital Projects on the Board & Top Firms

The biggest firms and projects on the board for 2014 all compiled in one place. Download the full PDF for the top projects and firms handling those accounts. Facts provided by Reed Construction Data.

Key Design Elements for Pediatric Ambulatory Spaces

Designing for pediatric facilities takes special thought and consideration. Quentin Elliot, Director of Healthcare Design at Moody Nolan, shares his thoughts on key elements for pediatric ambulatory care spaces, including designing positive distractions to improve the experience and  using color and images to appeal to kids from newborn to their...

Meet the Experts: Healthcare Facilities Design

Q&As with AECOM's Sheila Cahnman and WHR Architects' Kyle Basilius, two industry experts who spoke at a past Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Summit.

The Great Disappearing Act: Making the Hospital Invisible and Making Healthcare Prominent

Henry Chao provides a perspective of history and new disruptions, an outline for upgrades to new operating systems and a vision of what a broader and deeper healthcare landscape in this past presentation. He also touches on how this relates to a new and more meaningful role for healthcare architecture...

Building Flexible Modern Healthcare Facilities

Henry Chao, Design Principal of the Global Healthcare Practice at HOK, shares his insights on building modern, flexible healthcare facilities. He also touches on the impressive New James Cancer Center at Ohio State University and how to limit costs without sacrificing patient experience. After the interview, we've also included articles...

Take Five with Quentin Elliott

Quentin Elliot, Director of Healthcare Design at Moody Nolan, shares his thoughts on key elements for pediatric ambulatory care spaces...

The Future of Healthcare Study: Results & Insights

Ron Rendina and Hamilton Espinosa shared the results of DPR Construction's "Future of Healthcare Study." The study results highlight potential emerging changes in the healthcare construction market. Th presentation also includes a discussion of DPR's UHS Temecula Valley Hospital project.

Utilizing Lean Management During the Design and Construction Cycle

The pure intention of a lean approach to anything is to improve processes by eliminating waste and that expending resources for any goal that does not add value to the end customer is waste. In this interview, Construction IQ speaks to Bernita Beikmann, AIA, Associate Principal, HKS and Jennie Evans,...

Transforming Medical Equipment Planning

Christine Chadwick, Global Strategy Officer and National Healthcare Lead, AECOM, Canada, was co-author of this article that appeared in Issue 2 of Arab Health Magazine. The story highlights the role of medical equipment in patient experience and features some great projects that AECOM is working on. 

Transforming Patients Into Customers

Scott Reed, Principal & Healthcare Market Leader, NBBJ, shared this highly visual presentation focused on projects in AK, AZ, MA and WA and how design can help keep patients happy, while delivering great service in a beautiful setting.

Industry Insights with AECOM's Finest: Ken Schwarz

In this exclusive interview with Ken Schwarz, Principal, and Geography Market Sector Leader at AECOM, Ken touches on why flexibility is so important as well as how he managed to transform  a 100-year-old hospital into a modern healthcare campus.

Huashan Hospital: A Pinnacle of China's Capabilities

Shanghai is a showcase for China's emergence onto the world stage as a thriving, modern economic power. With a landmark-quality design that thoughtfully blends Chinese and Western concepts without healthcare, the city's newest medical facility, Huashan Hospital, will be a symbol of the country's advancements.

The Healthcare Transformation

This presentation was the background for a panel discussion that included experts from Baylor Scott & White, Duke Realty and Vanderbilt University Hospital. The presentation focuses on the various changes impacted the industry including regulations, demographics and expectations.

Creating a Next Generation Healthcare Facility

The latest developments and advancements in BIM and retrofitting for hospitals are discussed in these interviews.

Trends, Innovations, and the Green Standard

Featuring Hank Adams, Vice President / Healthcare Principal, HDR Architecture - This article explores various trends and innovations being utilized within health facilities to meet the demands of the future. From and architectural perspective we learn what it means to be innovative with regards to health facilities.

Enhancing the Patient Experience through the Built Environment

Sheila Cahnman, Vice President of the Healthcare Market Sector at AECOM shares some valuable insight at Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Summit. IQPC sat with our expert speaker to talk about what factors to consider when enhancing patient satisfaction. Other articles can be found on her blog: http://www.patient-experience.org/Home.aspx